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Augmented reality VoIP demo

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 May 2009No Comment

Here’s a new video posted up on YouTube that shows augmented reality integration with VoIP. When I saw the tweets about the video buzzing around the twittersphere I thought it might be something cool that would be great for Skype integration. Having watched the video I’m not sure that I’d feel comfortable sitting at my desk holding a sheet of A4 paper to my ear and talking to a monitor. I’m sure there are plenty of people safe and secure in nut houses around the world who are there for doing far less than that. I’m in no real rush to join them. Why are you talking to that sheet of paper? I’m making a phone call. Bam the next thing you know you’re wearing a white jacket and sharing a room with a guy that things he’s Napoleon.

Having said that it’s good to see a demo that does more than just display an image on top of a marker.

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