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LevelHead the best ever AR demo

Submitted by on Tuesday, 5 May 2009One Comment

Twitter seems to be full of old stuff for the last few days, augmented Sasquatch and magic trick demos are re-tweeting around.

As there is nothing new, I thought I’d add to the mayhem with a video of my all time favourite augmented reality demo. There are a lot of demos to choose from but for me it’s got to be LevelHead.

If you missed it, LevelHead is a game from Julian Oliver that uses 3 plastic cubes with each face representing a room with a connecting door. The idea is you guide your character from one cube to the next to find the exit

What’s your favourite augmented reality demo?

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  • makc said:

    super b, but how many internet users are actually going to glue the cube together? like me, I dont even have a printer.

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