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Augmented Reality Pool

Submitted by on Monday, 27 July 2009No Comment

We have a air hockey table here and I must admit that I am a bit of a wiz. Our security guard has never played before and has been threatening to give me a game for ages. Last Friday was a crap day for me, one of those days were it felt like everyone was queuing up to have a dig. I played the security guard and he beat me. I can’t believe it my reputation is in tatters.

Not only was my mind preoccupied with other things so not fully on the game but he kept making the rules up as he went along. I mean how can someone who has never played before tell you what the rules are? He kept disallowing my goals as well complaining that he wasn’t ready. The final nail in the coffin, the scoring system broke halfway through the game and it stopped counting my goals. His goals counted fine but mine didn’t register so I had to rely on him remembering my score. (I was on 7 points for about 5 goals). In the end I lost by an alleged single point.

Next time I could do with a pair of augmented reality glasses that have this software installed, then we’ll see who has the last laugh. (gets interesting at around 2:20)

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