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TwittAround AR App for the iPhone 3GS

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 July 2009No Comment

TwittARound is an augmented reality Twitter viewer for the iPhone. With TwittARound you can use the phones camera to look around and see where and how near people are tweeting.

The whole idea of tweeting your location is an interesting and yet scary concept. I have nothing to hide but that doesn’t mean I want to be found so I hope there is some fuzzyness in the API to scramble the location a little.

More info

I paid a work related visit to a company yesterday called BestBefore Media who have a product called AudioBOO. AudioBOO is a Twitter type service except it’s based on voice. So instead of typing you record a message up to 5 minutes in length and upload it to the AudioBOO server for others to listen to. It’s for the iPhone and looks like a pretty cool service so check it out at AudioBOO.FM.

The reason I mention it,  you can upload your GPS coordinates with your BOO so it would be nice to have a BooARound type application in the future.

In searching for a sample BOO I found one for a guy in Studland.  (How cool would it be to be able to say you are from Studland?).


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