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Calling AR Developers/Tools Providers

Submitted by on Friday, 7 August 20092 Comments


From time to time I receive emails asking ‘do you know a developer familiar with developing augmented reality applications for ‘iPhone/Android/Symbian/Desktop/Web/etc’.

If you develop augmented reality applications and are interested in refrals (I’m not looking for money) send me your details:

* Name
* Email address
* Expertise
* Location
* Details of an AR project(s) you completed (links useful)

Closely following that question is what tools do I need to build AR applications for iPhone/Android/Symbian/Desktop/Web/etc. So if you have tools/sdks etc  please let me know:

* Website/download
* Description of tool
* Builds AR apps for what platform(s)
* Programming skills required (eg C++/Java)
* Cost

And then the  next time these questions come up I’ll have somewhere to refer them. If I get enough responses I’ll put a company directory together.

There that’s my bit to help the community.

You can email me here.

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  • Bas Mennink SpecialSoup said:

    Hi Lester,
    Thx for the blogpost. It would be great if you put a database of these guys together!
    I’d like to hear more about it.
    Ciao Bas!

  • Augmented Tourisum | AugmentedPlanet said:

    [...] continue to send in your details if you are a developer looking for augmented reality projects to work on, or if you have tools/SDKs that you want developers to use. I do have one reader who is in need of a iPhone developer with [...]

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