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Heavens Above Augmented Reality

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 August 2009No Comment

Morning all. A couple of demos today.

Have you ever tried to install a satellite dish? It’s not difficult, to some degree it’s just fix it to the wall and point it in the same direction as all the other dishes. dishpointerarThe tricky bit is getting a good signal, for that you ether need a sat meter or a sat bleeper (it bleeps louder when you have a good signal). As you can imagine space is littered with satellites, so why you think you are locked on to the right satellite and have a great signal you might be picking up the signal of it’s neighbour so end up wondering why you have no tv channels.

Just like the numerous augmented reality applications that enable you to find the nearest underground stations, you can now get hold of a mobile augmented reality application for the iPhone that shows you the positions of the satellites. The application is from DishPointer and is great if you want to install a satellite or just annoy people at BBQs, either way it makes a great demo


Sky Maps

If knowing the location of satellites is not your thing, then how about an application that tells you the names of the constellations and the locations of the planets.  If you have a Google Android smartphone then they have an application called Sky Maps that will do just that. Point it at the sky, set a reference point and then see all the heavenly bodies revealed.



iPhone users can isntall the DishPointer application from here.
Android users can install the Sky Maps application from here.

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