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Sticky Light And The Sekai Camera Application

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 August 2009One Comment

Over the years I have been to a fair few tradeshows and exhibitions, I’ve even been known to arrange a few in my time as well. Walking around a tradeshow trying to find the interesting exhibitors to visit can be fraught with danger, I always seem to make eye contact with the weirdo that hasn’t spoken to anyone for a few hours and wants to give me their life story. Over beers I could tell you some horror stories.

On the BBC’s website today they are doing a piece on AR, one of the new appllications I spotted is the Sekai Camera application that calculates your position using GPS and images at a tradeshow and then using the screen shows you what each stand is presenting so you’ll know all the interesting places to head towards.

The developers ‘Tonchidot’ bill the Sekai Camera (World Camera) application as augmented reality meets social networking and it looks very similar to Layar, Wikitude, and ARound except it’s designed to allow business to publish their own information easily without having to build a plug-in.

Away from AR but in the “I want one of those and by the way what the hell is it” category. This demo is of something called Sticky Light which is a 3D tracking technology. I haven’t heard of it before but the maze demo looks amazing.

Take a look at Wired for more info.

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