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Robotvision for the iPhone

Submitted by on Monday, 7 September 20092 Comments

There are a plethora of augmented reality information applications available now. Layar, Wikitude, ARound, Yelp to name a few. In what is starting to become a crowded market will shortly arrive robotvision.



Robotvision is an application for the iPhone that uses the Bing search engine to augment your searches on the world around you. You get the usual mix of POI such as restaurants and bars so you’ll always know where they are, robotvision will also show you the nearest tweets so you’ll be able to see who is tweeting around you as well as Flickr integration to see pictures in your local vicinity that have been geotagged. Other than Flickr there is nothing we haven’t seen here before.

But robotvision does have some nice features, for example you have the augmented reality view where information is placed in the camera view which updates as you move around, but when you lay the iPhone flat it switches into an overhead map view so you can see the POIs in a traditional map format. For your chosen POIs robotvision is also able to present you with user reviews so you’ll know if it’s worth visiting, and if you decided that it is then it’s only one click to get driving instructions to the destination.

Robotvision is not available until sometime later this month but will have the following features:

  • Type in anything with Open-ended Search
  • Get a birds-eye view from Google Maps by looking down
  • Quickly select from popular location categories like Coffee Shops and Tourist Attractions
  • Discover rich, social content like Flickr and Twitter, with more on the way!
  • Easily jump to more info on Bing like restaurant reviews, call a location or get driving directions
  • Touch to select and navigate through items around you
  • Set your range with an Adjustable Radius

Robotvision in action


With the number of augmented reality software applications providing local information increasing, it’s rapidly becoming a packed market space. So the question is which are the good ones? It would be interesting to hear what you favourite local search application is.

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