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Augmented Reality Brings Lego To Life

Submitted by on Friday, 4 September 20092 Comments

Mataio are always up to interesting things in the augmented reality world and their latest demo is no exception. Lego has always pretty popular with children but if Mataio have their way, in the future children won’t have to imaging playing with their creation, they will be able to interact with them via augmented reality.


In their latest demo video, Mataio cleverly track the lego bricks as the boundary to the dragon/knight fight and bring the scenario to life through augmented reality glasses.

No doubt this solution was built with Mataio’s SDK, so if you are looking for augmented reality tools take a look here.
While this is only a demo and not an augmented reality software solution shipping today, Lego are setting the trend with bringing the bricks to life. DisneyTown Orlando installed a camera where children can hold up the Lego box and see the toy they can build. Very useful in helping them persuade parents to part with their money.

I’m going to sound like my grandad but kids today don’t know they are born. I had to wait until I was about 14 before I finally got hold of a computer, even then it was a ZX81, with 1k of ram and a black and white display. I feel old knowing Lego has more processing power than the PCs I grew up with.

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