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Augmented Reality Driving Applications

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 September 2009One Comment

Two driving applications for Android users this morning.

I noticed a few days back, AugmentedTimes reported an update to the Wikitude application aptly named ‘Wikitude drive AR navigation system’. The new update gives turn by turn instructions and POI navigation to Android users.

wikitudeupdateUnlike a TomTom or other GPS device which gives directions overlayed on a map, Wikitude overlays the directions on reality via the phones camera making it much easier to see the instructions. This should solve those GPS problems where you are told to turn left but not exactly sure which left you are meant to take.

I was a little bit worried about the idea of using augmented reality in a car for navigation, the whole idea of looking at a small screen for instructions was a bit scary, however as long as it is properly mounted to the dashboard and you don’t drive down the road with it in your hands then there is not really that much difference with a traditional GPS device.

The new update from Wikitude represents a big change for the application which previously offered information on points of interest, I’m wondering if the change is largely due to the success of Layar. Either way it’s a very compelling update that would actually make me buy an Android device so excellent job.

Wikitude drive AR navigation system – in action



While on the subject of traffic navigation, readers in Toronto take a look at the augmented realty Traffic View application.


Traffic View gives you access to over 250 traffic cameras directly from your Android device to help you see what the traffic is like and plan your journey. You can either view the cameras in advance to see what the traffic is doing and plan your route, or as you are driving the application will show you what the traffic is like ahead of you by showing you the view from the next traffic camera. It’s a fantastic idea, how many times have you been stuck in a traffic jam just after you passed a turn off?  I am not in Canada so unable to test it, if you have tried it I am sure we would all like to know your experience.

Traffic View – in action


Both applications are available in the Android Marketplace

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