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Augmented Reality for Nokia owners

Submitted by on Friday, 18 September 20092 Comments

Point And Find

Regular readers will be forgiven for thinking that augmented reality is exclusive to iPhone or Android devices with Nokia owers having very little to shout about. While it’s true there are a lot of excellent applications for the iPhone/Android, Nokia users do have a few rays of sunshine so let me give you a few things to install and try over the weekend.

Nokia have an application called Point & Find which has been available in beta for sometime now. Using Point & Find you can point the phones camera at a movie poster and get the option to either see a trailer or book tickets. You can scan barcodes and get product prices, eg you’re in a store and see something you like, you can scan the barcode and see how much it costs online. In reality it’s actually very cumbersome with you having to work your way though numerous menus to narrow down the product. Nokia recently added a new feature called City View (the augmented reality bit). I have tested it but haven’t found any tags where I live, but the offical blurb on Nokia’s website says:

Tag real-life objects around you, such as restaurants and stores. Provide more information about the item or send the user to a web link. All users will be able to pick up the information and instructions you give when they point their camera phone at your tagged objects.

Point & Find


  • Point & Find supports most Nokia devices - take a look at the website for the full list
  • Install from Nokia’s website here –

ARound from Sequence Point supports a number of Nokia devices and provides the user with information on their surroundings including who is tweeting and what’s around. If you have a Nokia device and want Layar or Wikitude then this is the closest you can get. ARound is also extensible so if you are a developer you can add in your own layers. ARound is still in beta but if you have one the supported devices then its well worth taking a look.


  • ARound supports N97, Nokia 6210 Navigator, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 5730 XpressMusic, N86
  • Install from Sequence Point’s website –

If you’re the games type then CellaGameshave a few games for Nokia devices that are well worth giving a go.

AR Tower Defense

  • AR Tower Defense supports N95, N82, E50, E51, N93, N96 - take a look at the website for a full list
  • Install from CellaGames website here –

AR Rougelike

  • AR Rougelike supports N95, N82, E50, E51, N93, N96 - take a look at the website for a full list
  • Install from CellaGames website here –

 Feel free to share any other applications you know of with the community.

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