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Augmented Reality News Digest 14/9/09

Submitted by on Monday, 14 September 2009No Comment

Sorry for the late blog today, I have been trying to get my CV done so I can start looking for a job. So despite my lateness let me do a bit of a news digest.


Getting a lot of attention and being billed as Google Earth meets augmented reality is this blog post and video (below). I’m not really convinced that it’s an augmented reality solution. Don’t get me wrong it looks good and I looking forward to playing around with it, but calling it augmented reality is stretching it a bit. Read the article and watch the video and decide for yourself.

Revolution Magazine must be having an augmented reality day today, having brought us the Google Earth story above they also have a feature on the top 10 augmented reality campaigns. There isn’t really anything new in there, nothing that we haven’t been talking about for a few weeks now but that’s the power of twitter. What goes around comes around again and again.

In a similar vein this is yet another article focused on the top demos. As above there isn’t really much new but the article is interesting from a marketing and sales perspective. If you don’t have the time or patience then just watch the video.


 That’s it for today, now back to the CV.

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