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Augmented Reality Software Directory and Wiki

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 September 20092 Comments

I don’t know about you guys but keeping track of all the augmented reality applications and demos has started to become a bit of a struggle. Trying to remember who makes what, and what platform it’s available for has started to test my memory, so I have put together the ‘Applications Directory‘.

Augmented Reality Software Directory

Augmented Reality Software Directory

It will also make it easier to find applications rather than search around on Google. Feel free to have a browse and as always if there is anything missing please let me know.
Augmented Reality Wiki
When I was setting up the Business Directory a buddy of mine nagged me into trying a wiki, I created a subdomain and went to the GoDaddy control panel and looked blankly at the choices of wikis. I had no clue what was good or how to setup.  The good news is I got an email from Duncan Rawlinson to say he had setup an ‘augmented reality wiki‘.  -cheers Duncan.

Wiki are a great way for everyone to add content to a web page, it’s another great resource to keep track of all the exciting demos, blog and resources so take a look and contribute.

Augmented Reailty WIKI

Augmented Reailty WIKI

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  • Duncan said:

    Thanks for posting about the Augmented Reality Wiki!

  • Kirill said:

    Hey there, im researching this sphere as well, but i couldn’t use the directory you created. the page dose not exist any more. i wanted to look for an alternative software like the one i have found. this software comes with an augmented reality photo booth that you have to buy on their website –
    but im not into spending 3k greens on that.

    I’m Wondering how did they managed to make the 3d props interact whith the user. and it looks like an awesome software to put my hands on, any ideas on where can i find something like this may be an open source augmented reality photo booth software?

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