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Augmented Reality Vision

Submitted by on Thursday, 3 September 2009One Comment

Floating around on Twitter all day has been the news article on augmented contacted lenses.

Imagine getting a terminator eye view of the world around you. Well the future is a lot closer than you think, not close enough that you’ll be nipping down to SpecSavers anytime soon but:

We’ve also shown that these microcomponents can be integrated through a self-assembly process onto other unconventional substrates, such as thin, flexible transparent plastics or glass. We’ve fabricated prototype lenses with an LED, a small radio chip, and an antenna, and we’ve transmitted energy to the lens wirelessly, lighting the LED. To demonstrate that the lenses can be safe, we encapsulated them in a biocompatible polymer and successfully tested them in trials with live rabbits.

Not only do rabbits get lots of sex but they also get to try out the latest gadgets.

You can read the full article here.

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