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Coming soon to an iPhone near you

Submitted by on Monday, 21 September 20094 Comments

Metaio announced on Friday that they are launching an augmented reality application called Junaio for the iPhone.

Scheduled for release on the 2nd November, Junaio will enable users to access and share information on their surroundings.



Metaio – press release

Junaio will change the way we create, access and share information. By combining innovative online and mobile technologies, junaio will allow users to see location-based content through the display of a mobile device. Users can leave traces, messages or objects and visually interact with their friends or anyone else in the world. Already existing web services can be enhanced and completely new ways of interaction can be created. Whether it is social networks, multimedia content or game concepts – virtually anything can be embedded in the real world and connected to a certain place. “The possibilities are endless, we are taking the Internet outside to the real world,” says Thomas Alt, Chief Executive Officer of metaio.

 Seeing location-based multimedia content through the display of your mobile device is only one part of the story. “Mobile augmented reality is all about the user´s orientation. But to deliver a really useful and robust application, you have to be user oriented,” says Peter Meier, Chief Technology Officer. metaio is defining a new dimension in mobile augmented reality through incorporation of features that will allow better usability and social interaction. junaio is the result of more than six years application development in augmented reality and months of research and usability tests for mobile applications. So get ready for the ultimate Outernet experience!

The press release is a typical press release and doesn’t give a lot away. It sounds like the application has a heavy social aspect to it and you can tag any content in the real world. Useful if you’re out with friends and move locations. Instead of sending latecomers an SMS you can just tag the bar and tell them where you have gone. When they arrive and are looking for you they can use Junaio to view the tag and find you.  Or if you travel, when on holiday you’ll be able to tag landmarks. I’d like to be able to tag all the places I’ve been with ‘Lester woz ere’ so when my friends and family travel they’d know they are treading in my footsteps.

Junaio will also be released soon after on Android and Symbian so no worries about your buddies with other devices not being able to find you.

Metaio have released a teaser video for Junaio but I think we’ll have to wait a few weeks before we get any more than a teaser.

Tomorrow we should have some exciting news from Mobilizy (the guys behind Wikitude). This was their latest tweet.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mobilizy is sending out a Press Release today which will impact and potentially change the mobile AR industry

Interesting… thoughts? new product annoucement, partnership, or something else?  We’ll have the news tomorrow.
I am off to London see a man about a venue for the augmented planet event. – details coming soon I promise.

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