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Quiet Thursday augmented reality update

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 September 2009One Comment
Layar is global

Layar is global

Sorry no blog for the last 2 days. There hasn’t been that much news around and I have been trying to get some DIY done but suffering from motivational issues.

There was an interesting article posted up on venturebeat yesterday discussing which of the augmented reality start-ups are most ready for market and will survive. It’s worth a read (full article).

Layar released a new video to annouce they are now global. As next week is the picnic in the park in Amsterdam expect more news to come out of the Layar guys as I’m sure we’ll see some annoucements come out of the event.


Layar is global video


Nokia released an augmented reality vision video last week and it hasn’t gone down too well. You can read the general slating they received here. It’s an interesting video but really only focus on how augmented reality will enable you to interact with your phone, eg read/send SMS messages. It’s a scary concept to think that people will be driving down the road sending SMS with their eyes.

Nokia’s augmented reality vision

A quick update on the augmented reality event for London, it’s still in process, we are just looking for a suitable venue. It would be nice to hold it at a companies office who are involved with augmented reality so we are hunting down sponsors in the London area. My team of crack event people are out there chasing people. We’ll go for plan B if we have no luck in the next few days. Either way we are aiming to announce the date/venue next week.

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