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Gamaray AR Browser – Get The Source Code

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 October 20094 Comments

Gamaray was one of the first augmented reality browsers for Goggle Android but sadly it became one of the first casualties in the augmented reality browser war. It’s a real shame about this one, Gamaray was trying to be different and rather being yet another app that gives you restaurant reviews or the location of the nearest tube, Gamaray allowed the placing of 3D objects which you could walk around and view with your camera. If you wanted to explore the Eiffel Tower in the comfort of your backyard then Gamaray would have been the perfect solution.
The good news though is Clayton Lilly has decided to release the source code with the following caveat:

  1. Gamaray doesn’t use OpenGL, the 3D objects are all rendered in software. This means the application will never support the kind of animations or textures found in Layar and Wikitude 3D.
  2. Much of the code is not very well thought out and I don’t plan on spending any time explaining it.
  3. I don’t plan on supporting an open source project, someone else will need to upload it to a repository and manage the updates.

You can get hold of the source code here:
If you want to see Gamaray in action read here: 

Best of luck to the Gamaray guys, we wish them well in their next venture.

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