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GetFugu Logo Recognition For Android And iPhone

Submitted by on Thursday, 1 October 20095 Comments

I have avoid blogging about GetFugu for a few weeks now, the last few times I looked at their website it wasn’t working, but now they seem to have sorted that problem out.

Solutions that use markers to give you your information about a product or service are interesting but in reality how easy is it to go into a brand like Coke and say ‘hey we have a great idea, every time someone takes a picture of your logo we can send them to your website or give them special promotions’. I’m sure they’d say that’s cool, at least up until the point where you tell them they have to embed a new special logo (marker) with each of their products in the future. It becomes a hard sell at that point.

GetFugu gets around this problem by recognising actual logos rather than rely on markers, you point your iPhone or Android camera at a logo, and if they have it in their database then they can give you more information. For branding it has huge potential as nothing special is required, it’s instantly compatible with all existing material that has the clients logo.

In it’s current form it’s a bit limited and probably has more potential for advertises than usefulness for consumers like you or me. Very few times do I find the need to take a picture of a logo. But it has potential for expansion, I’m sure they have plans to tie in promotion discounts, if you take a picture of beers you could be offered a discount.

Here are some items I’d like to see for future version:

  • Take a picture of any product. I could be out shopping and take a picture of a bottle of wine and get more info about the product (Wine.Com have an api hint hint)
  • Weight watchers would be an interesting use case, take a picture of a food box and see it’s calorie content/daily points etc.
  • Expanding the weight watchers theme, if I scan the product before I eat it, it adds the details to my daily food intake list.

That’s just a couple of random ideas, I’m sure you have more.

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  • » GetFugu Logo Recognition For Android And iPhone said:

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  • lesterm said:

    someone already has the idea of providing more info on food.

  • lucy D said:

    I was thinking about investing in some Getfugu (new tech) shares…
    UNTIL I saw this in the European papers!
    It would appear that Mr Carl Freer has a lot to answer for before he gets my buck!
    The Serial Fraudster Mikael Ljungma’s one time partner in crime… Carl Freer has more than a few skeletons in his very deep cupboard …and the door of deception it seems is now well and truly opening up according to articles appearing almost daily in Scandinavia.
    A number of documents that the financial police, the U.S. fiscal and curators have been sent, and which newspaper Børsen has seen, indicates that several of the 12 companies at one time or another has been given shareholdings in publicly traded U.S. IT company Getfugu,
    At the beginning of April this year it had a value of 2.7 billion kroner, but has since collapsed to a market capitalization of a small half billion kroner, …As published in Børsen on Monday.

    If the information in the documents are correct,( neither Boris Frederiksen and financial police has yet confirmed the data), it appears that Mikael Ljungmans Swedish business partner Carl Freer control a larger part of the listed company, than previously reported for the stock market.
    (SEC where are you?) It would at least appear this is a theory that the U.S. Banking and Finance, Securities and Exchange Commission has been asked to investigate.

    One of the other theories, as curator Boris Frederiksen, according to Dagbladet Børsen information also is by getting tested is whether the value of the listed Getfugu is actually built on the assets that Carl Freer and Mikael Ljungman owned under the auspices of Media Power. Furthermore, it must now be determined whether it managed both to build up assets using scam money from IT Factory scandal and in fact had money flowing into Media Power, coming in to the U.S. through its subsidiary Ecommerce.

    Mikael Ljungman in late August last year set up the company Sovereign Corporate Services with offices in Dubai and in the English kanalø Isle of Man to create the many companies needed, this is clear from correspondence between Ljungman and Sovereign Corporate Services.

    These are the 12 companies Lynx Holdings (Cayman) Ltd., Mandalay Investment Ltd., Stone Harbor, Ltd., GR International Limited GmbH, Lynx Overseas Holdings Limited, Spetchlet Global Assets Limited, CJF Overseas Holdings Limited, Lombard LCM Capital Management GmbH, Gate International Investment Ltd, LF Investments Ltd, Ganesha Holdings Ltd and Northern Star International Ltd, located in Switzerland.
    GETFUGU and Carl Freer have a lot of explaining to do in the face on mounting evidence connecting him to massive criminality and illegal activities to move Get Fugu on the US market.

  • lucy D said:


    Getfugu Inc is another Carl Freer public company that has run up staggering losses for the nine months ended September 30, 2009 totaling $35,272,071.

    Carl Freer, Getfugu Inc and its Directors track record will come under the spotlight in one of the largest Civil RICO actions filed in America.

    The case filed on 25th November at United States District Court, Central District of California, Central Division. Case No CV09 – 8724.

    You can get a copy by contacting the Clark’s Office on 213 894 3863 or via email at

  • Wikitude 4 For The Android With Video | Augmented Reality said:

    [...] GetFugu Logo Recognition For Android And iPhone [...]

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