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Layar & Wikitude come to the iPhone

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 October 20093 Comments

Somewhat of a reluctant blog today. I’m at my brother-in-laws house doing a bit of cat sitting. His laptop has taken 20 minutes to boot and a further 10 just to open Firefox. He has a habit of installing all sorts of crap so it’s not pleasant to use.

Aside from laptop woes, a reminder about the Augmented Planet even in London next month (11th November), details on the right. Feel free to register or to email me for a 10 minute demo pitch, your chance to show an augmented reality demo of something you have been working on just just find really cool.

New phone for AR browsers

New phone for AR browsers

I’m in the market for a new phone. Currently I have a Nokia E71 and let’s say the choice of augmented reality applications is less than optimal. I’m thinking of either an iPhone or Android HTC Hero. The Hero has been my phone of choice until now since it’s the only platform that has both Wikitude and Layar available. However Mobilizy have silently launched the Wikitude browser to the iPhone appstore, and it’s reported that Layar have recently submitted the Layar browser to the iPhone store as well, so the exclusivity of the Android device is looking a bit limited.

Both Layar and Wikitude are the premier browsers right now but remember Metaio will be a launching their new browser called Junaio next month which will shake up the market a bit. As for other applications available, while the applications directory is by no means complete, currently the augmented reality iPhone apps out number Android apps by 2-1.

Ah decisions decisions.

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    Hey, bloggers! Whats new? Good to be here. My blogs are tech based @ I blog about anything tech. I learn allot from this site.

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