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Rocking Augmented Reality Demo

Submitted by on Friday, 16 October 2009No Comment

This demo is probably one of the coolest augmented reality demos I have seen for sometime, you might even say it rocks.lostvalentinos

There has been some attempts in the past to combine augmented reality with music videos but this one is the best by far. With the Lost Valentinos augmented reality demo you print the markers and decide how the music video will look. Each marker represents an individual member of the band so you can arrange them however you see fit, make you own stage and soundings and decide the action.

Once you have your perfect music video you can upload it to share with others at their website. The YouTube video below doesn’t do the demo any justice at all so be sure to visit and watch the introduction there. The music is actually pretty cool as well.

You can have life sized band members so get printing and join the band.

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