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Augmented Planet Event Wrap Up

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 November 20093 Comments

photoGood morning, firstly thanks to everyone who attended the Augmented Planet meet-up yesterday. I hope you had a good time and it was worth while. There was around 75 people who made the event so lots of interest in the technology. Feedback from everyone I spoke with was  extremely positive, it’s something that you’d like us to do again. A few people offered to donate a venue for next time which will be fantastic, we’ll try to get a beer sponsor as well. The good news is we are looking at planning another event for April so we hope to see you again.

Thanks of course to Nitin Samani, John Wyer for helping out and of course our guest speakers Myles Peyton, James Alliban and Chris O’Shea. You’ll never know the stress me and Nitin went through until John turned up with his laptop.

If you didn’t manage to write down all the demos that I showed this is the list with links to a YouTube demo.

Hyperlinking demos
RedLaser (barcode scanner)
Bableshot (language translator)
SnapTell (product recognition)
CubeCheater (solve the Rubix Cube)
GetFugal (logo recognition)

Marker demos (links to try the demos)
Lost Valentinos (the band demo)
Twitter business cards
GE SmartGrid

Mobile demos

Markerless demos
I couldn’t install the codex for this one, but this is the mobile face recognition demo I was planning on showing.
Links to speakers websites
James Alliban
Myles Peyton
Chris O’Shea

Both Nitin and John where taking photos, once they send them over I’ll put them in to Flickr and send out the link.

Next up for me, I am attending the Vodafone AppStar event tomorrow. If you are a developer and building Widgets then they have a few places left at this free event.  You can find out more and register here

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  • Nigel Crawley said:

    Further to your comments at the meet-up event about Apple not opening their API to Marker based Augmented Reality, check this out! – It doesn’t use an official API, so Apple won’t let it on the app store.



  • Howard Smith said:

    Thk for a wonderful event. These were a tiny subset of the notes I made:
    1. There is a lot going on
    2. AR is going to be big
    3. There are many different types/styles of AR. Some not really AR, but look AR’ish.
    4. The industry is defining ‘levels’ of AR, with the highest level being ‘Markerless’
    5. Markers or markerless recognition techniques are evolving fast, and could widely complement URLs for access to resources.
    6. Mobile phone processors limit the number of processible pologons
    7. Flash is speeding up, but it still slow
    8. T-Immersion seems to be the leader and positioning as platform independent
    9. Hacked Products and Hacking Products is something to watch
    10. FLARManager makes creating small AR apps easier
    11. Skive in London sounds like a cool company
    12. The KNEX demo from T-Immersion is interesting
    13. A lot of AR activity is really at the level of ‘entry level computer vision stuff’
    14. Esquire, the mag, has an AR issue. Must get a copy.
    15. Something called ‘Processing’ sounds cool – a programming environment for Artists – must tell my son (found it:
    16. Programming AR apps is all about implementing event models for markers linked to 3D transformations
    17. The AR scene feels like early Web scene, with T-Immersion, Layar, etc, as the ‘Netscape’ of the space.

  • Raimo said:

    Too bad we could not participate. Sounds like an interesting event. I hope everything went well with Howard.

    See you next time and keep up the great work!

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