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Firefighter 360 Augmented Reality Game

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 November 2009One Comment

Presselite are no strangers to building augmented reality applications for the iPhone. Chances are if you have installed an application to tell you where the nearest tube, metro, subway or underground is located you have used one of their augmented reality applications. They currently have around 30 applications in the appstore.

Today Presselite launched their latest app, a game called Firefigher 360.  In the game you take on the role of a firefighter and are required to fight those pesky fires that spring up around you. Of course being an augmented reality game the fires exist in your camera view and you’ll need to pan the phone around to find them , once located you’ll need to use your hose to extinguish them. After just a few levels you’ll find yourself fighting multiple fires and trying to manage your water supply.

For an iPhone game you need to be energetic, it’s not a game you can play while sitting on the sofa, you’ll need to stand up and move about a lot, but it’s still pretty good fun and if you have kids it will keep them amused for ages.

Who needs a Wii Fit when you can have an exercise workout with your iPhone?

Firefigher 360 is currently priced at £0.59
Official website:
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