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MMORPG Augmented Reality Game

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 November 20097 Comments

In my daily scan of the iPhone application store I noticed that Parallel Kingdom – Age of Emergence has arrived. It’s has also hit the the Google Android.

Parallel Kingdom is a massively multi-player online role playing game that takes place around you. The game uses GPS to figure out your location and places the character directly in your neighbourhood where you can explore, declare war on other players or just fight the many creatures that live there. It’s interesting to see your surroundings plotted with monsters, trees, caves and other exotic items. I had never noticed that there was a castle at the end of my street before.

I have only just installed the game and it seems to be pretty complex and loaded with options so it is going to take a while for me to figure out what the hell I am doing, but like all MMORPG’s the object is to kill, collect gold and build up your level.

Given it’s complexity it’s hard to give a full review but I guess the question is, is it really an augmented reality application? Well that depends on your point of view.

If you are a traditionalist who believes that augmented reality is defined by using the camera and blending computer graphics in the camera feed then you probably won’t see Parallel Kingdom as a true augmented reality game. If however you take the wider view and believe that augmented reality is being aware of you surroundings and enhancing them then you’ll see Parallel Kingdom as the first true augmented reality MMORPG. Either way, Parallel Kingdom is free so worth an install and making up your own mind.

Game Trailer

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  • RHoltslander said:

    I’m so sorry to hear that trees are an exotic item in your neighborhood. In any case it seems as though it just has a background of a local map. It doesn’t seem to interact with it in any way, that is, the roads etc are ignored. I’m not what you’d call a purist but I’m not sure how this augments reality at all.

  • uberVU - social comments said:

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  • EZstar said:

    Cool! I agree with the above comment that it’s not necessarily augmented reality as traditionally defined by the community, but frankly if there’s a working (and fun) location based game, I couldn’t care less if its “really” augmented reality or not. I remember downloading GPS mission last year and being sort of disappointed, but this looks a lot more feature rich and interactive. Downloading now.

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