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Announcing AugmentedRealityNews Publisher Network

Submitted by on Monday, 18 January 20106 Comments

Good morning, it’s been a while. I spent a month in Brazil with the In-laws and never really had the opportunity to blog. Apologies to everyone who sent me email. My inbox is overflowing so is a priority over the next few days.

Announcing AugmentedRealityNews

Interest in augmented reality is growing, over the last few months many new blogs have been created and we continue to see the introduction of  new products all competing for our attention. Keeping track of all the news and products sources is becoming more and more difficult, so we have created the first augmented reality publisher network.

AugmentedRealityNews is an aggregator service that will search out augmented reality headlines and bring them together into one single source making it easy for you to find the latest news. The article is never hosted on AugmentedRealityNews so you’ll always link back to the original website for the full article. We hope this service will be useful to readers by making it easier to find new and interesting content and to publishers by driving relevant traffic to your site and enabling you to reach out to new readers.

All the news, all the info, all the time

All the news, all the info, all the time

For readers
AugmentedRealityNews is your one stop shop for all things AR. We’ll seek out the headlines from blogs, products and news sources and bring them together into one single list. The newest articles will always be listed at the top (and timestamped) so you’ll know what’s happening right now. The page will refresh every 5 minutes so you’ll always have the latest headlines as they are published.

AugmentedRealityNews can be accessed at either or

For publishers
If you blog about augmented reality or have an augmented reality product you can list your RSS feed in the AugmentedRealityNews publisher network. Once approved, the headline of the post will automatically be shown on the AugmentedRealityNews site. When a user clicks the headline they will be taken directly to your site to read the article.

Click here to find out how you list your site.

AugmentedRealityNews is still a beta, there are lots of improvements that need to be made, but feel free to give it a test drive and any comments welcome.

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  • cosmin said:


    Glad to see you back in action! What a great idea! I am working on something similar for You beat me to it! :) Now I have to add a different twist to an AR aggregator…

  • lester said:

    Hi Cosmin,

    I’m happy to share the domain.
    Perhaps you, Tobias ( and Rouli ( would be interested in working together on the ARNEWS project.


  • cosmin said:


    feel free to email me what ‘working together’ really means :) would love to collaborate!

    - cosmin

  • toby said:

    hey lester,

    neat idea.

    I’ll def take a look and register! thanks for the good cooperation of all AR pros! :-)

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