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Ultimate Guide To iPhone Augmented Reality Part II

Submitted by on Friday, 29 January 20105 Comments

Continuing with the ultimate list of augmented reality applications for the iPhone. So far we have seen augmented reality applications that will help you find your car, get the HEX value of any colour you happen to point your camera at, track satellites and learn about the constellations and locations of the planets.

I tested my iPhone compass against an Androids compass a few days back. Lets just say that should I find myself in the wild miles from anywhere I pray that I have a real compass with me.

Compass Apps
Reality Compass
Compass AR
AR Compass
lodestone AR Compass

Various AR compass applications

Various AR compass applications

Compasses don’t have to be simple NORTH, SOUTH indicators, there are a few that have real world overlays (fancy way of saying there is a small map on the screen)

HeadsUp navigator

AR Compass & Map

When we get real augmented reality glasses no doubt it will come with a HUD, we’ll all be mini Terminators. Instantly we’ll know the location, distance and elevation of where we parked. If you can’t wait here are the HUDs that are available.

HUD displays

ar hud

Interested in mountain ranges?

World Peaks
Look Around

ar peeks

WorldTags- see how far countries are away from your location.
Transparent Earth – ever wondered what is on the opposite site of the world from you?
Real Ski - the first augmented reality trail app for ski resorts. If you can ski down a mountain holding your iPhone in front of you and using it to navigate then you are one cool dude.
Sun Seeker Lite – when will the sun rise, when is the summer solstice? wonder no more

misc ar apps

Still loads more application to come!

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