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Augmented Reality Navigator and Impact Detection

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 February 2010One Comment

Looks like I am off to Mobile World Congress later this month to help the Wireless Industry Partnership group run an App Planet event.

What is App Planet?
App Planet is an “event within an event” at Mobile World Congress 2010 that will present a unique opportunity to explore the many dimensions of the dynamic and critically important mobile applications market. By pulling all the key players together in one place at one time, we will make App Planet the new Centre of the Apps Universe for the four days of Mobile World Congress.

more info here:

If you are at MWC I hope we’ll get a chance to meet.

In putting together the ultimate guide to iPhone augmented reality I came across an app called iDRNAVI. iDRNAVI it’s a quiet unassuming application that I have seen in the appstore for awhile but never really taken any notice off.  The screen shots didn’t really sell it to me and lets be honest it’s a bit of a crap name. When collecting data for the guide I had to take a look a the app in more detail so I could figure out where it fits.

iDRNAVI is a multifunctional drive-recorder that displays GPS data, acceleration, speed. It’s also a GPS logger, will record up to 120 minutes of video and should you have a car crash it will automatically email pictures of the impact to any email address you specify. With a description and functionality like that it was just begging to be installed and tested.


Before you get excited, there are some serious faults with the app, for example adding a new target defaults to 500 miles East off the cost of Africa, ie somewhere in the Indian Ocean, clicking the current location option doesn’t do anything. This is a real pain when you want to navigate as there is no search so you’ll have to scroll, stretch and zoom all the way from Africa to wherever you want to navigate. It’s slow and tedious.

I tried the impact detection functionality, I get a failure to send email error but 2 emails do arrive, sadly without photos.

From: Lesters iPhone

Coordinate: latitude: 51.59640484, longitude: 0.07633593
Accelerometer: x: 2.32G, y: 2.32G, z: -2.30G, v: 4.01G
Vector: 4.01G

Coordinate history
2010/02/02 12:27:36.495
51.59640484, 0.07633593, 0.0

Accelerometer history (interval: about 0.2 sec)
x: -0.09, y: -0.92, z: -0.69, v: 1.16
x: -0.11, y: -0.78, z: -0.58, v: 0.98
x: -0.25, y: -0.89, z: -0.49, v: 1.04

This application is a really nice idea, especially the impact detection, you can imagine that functionality like this could save lives in the future. Perhaps it’s just my bad luck that it didn’t work for me.

If your looking for a simple HUD, a GPS logger or to record a video of your trip then this might be of interest. Personally I was looking forward to the impact detection and navigation and feel a let down.  Buyer beware!

Incidentally, there are still several more parts of the ultimate iPhone guide to come.

Watch iDRNAVI in action

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