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Tiger Beer for the iPhone

Submitted by on Monday, 15 February 20102 Comments

If you have ever been to China Town you’ll know just how overwhelming it is, fortunately to celebrate Chinese New Year Exposure have released a Tiger beer promotional iPhone application that will highlight local bars that sell Tiger beer, give you costs so you can figure out which is the cheapest and reviews so you’ll know which is the nicest.

Like all augmented reality applications we have seen, it has an AR view, hold the device up and see the results in the camera view, or see them in a map. Nothing new there. But it seems that advertisers are finally catching on to the whole concept of augmented reality as a branding platform.

Tiger beer also comes with a game to encourage users to interact with the application more and not just when they are thirsty. As I installed the application I accepted the ability to receive push notifications, so I’m assuming that next time I am out and about in London’s West End I’ll get relevant offers delivered.

The game incidentally is not an augmented reality game but is kind of fun nether the less.

If you have a China Town near you and you want to do a bit of exploring, you can install from here:  TigerBeer

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