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mixare – A New Augmented Reality Engine For Android

Submitted by on Friday, 19 March 20108 Comments

Recently Lester wrote an article about all of the augmented reality browsers available, not be be outdone, when I received the scoop on a new browser being launched on Android, (my platform of choice), I had to beat him to it!

Without further ado, I would like to present: mixare (mix Augmented Reality Engine). mixare is by an Italian based firm called: Peer Internet Solutions.

From their own site:

mixare (mix Augmented Reality Engine) is a free open source augmented reality browser, which is published under the GPLv3. At the moment mixare is available for the Android platform. It works as a completely autonomous application and is available as well for the development of own implementations.

mixare Demonstration in Appiano (South Tyrol)

mixare will be the first open source augmented reality browser on Android, and we think on any mobile platform. All others; Wikitude, Layer etc… allow users to create additional layers, but do not actually open up their code.

Using mixare

Because mixare opens up all of their code, it may be applied in many different ways; from using it as a standalone application and utilising its own POIs, to embedding it as an engine in your own application (under GPLv3), an literally everything in between!





We certainly look forward to hearing about mixare’s plans for the future and to see whether they will be supporting any other platforms in the future. In the meanwhile, you can find full details and downloads on mixare’s website.

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