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Augmented Reality – The Services Of Tomorrow

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 March 20102 Comments

splashAh the future, every futurist’s dream, with routine predictions including robots doing our house work or even taking over all our jobs and working on our behalf. I’m not really sure why I would want a robot to do my job for me, what the hell would I do? How would I earn money? Can you imagine a scenario where your robot has gambled away a month’s salary leaving you no money for food?

Personally I’m conservative when making predictions about the future, it’s easy to get carried away and over estimate the changes, particularly with augmented reality and the impact it will have on our lives.

Right now the only prediction I can make with any degree of accuracy is the wife is going to be getting a pretty crappy Easter egg. Having left the egg shopping to the last minute again, I know when I get down the supermarket today or tomorrow the best eggs will all be gone leaving me with slim pickings. I’m also pretty sure that augmented reality glasses are some years off, I expect someone will have a go at mass marketing them in the next 5 years but I think it will be at least 15 years before they are anything like useful.

I define useful as interacting with our surroundings and giving us real contextual information not just giving us a compass telling us which way is north or showing us our latest emails

While the video below is not aimed at augmented reality glasses but holographic augmented reality, a technology that would be practically impossible to provide in the video context, it is an excellent concept video nether-the-less of what kind of services that augmented reality glasses may give us access to.

Being a fan of air-hockey, I have to say that the demo in the video looks pretty compelling. Presumably you could play multi player with either a computer control character or someone in another country.

AR Air Hockey

AR Air Hockey

I like the personal navigation icons that each user has guiding them in the right direction. As some one who gets lost even with an iPhone and Google maps, this technology can’t come soon enough.

Never get lost again with AR navigation

Never get lost again with AR navigation

Ok I’m not really sold on this part, having a giant keyboard projected on to the ground, nah not for me.

Yeah, you just stop a the top of the stairs and do a bit of email

Not sure thats a great place to stop and do email but...

Watch the full video

How far away do you think this technology is, and what type of applications would you like to see?

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