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Augmented Reality – Playing with your food

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 April 20102 Comments

honeyarIf someone had told me back in April last year when I started this blog that I would be talking about breakfast cereal in a blog dedicated to augmented reality, I would had said they were two shredded wheat short of a breakfast. Still it’s a funny old world.

Not so long back there was a breakfast cereal that contained an augmented reality game on the back of the box. Keeping up the trend Boffswana have created a game for Saatchi & Saatchi NY and their client General Mills that enables kids to get a healthy breakfast and more importantly, 15 minutes of gaming before they go off to school.

Seriously though, the video below which I assume is the TV ad looks pretty impressive. When I go out to the US in June to speak at the are2010 event I’ll be picking up a box. (Further below is a link to play the game).

Honey Heist

Honeyway Train

Play Honey Defender now by visiting: (you can print a marker from the site).

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