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The Stark Hud 2020

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 April 20104 Comments

When augmented reality glasses do finally arrive, I have such high expectations for the services they will bring. Imagine all your favourite augmented reality applications rolled neatly into a standard pair of sunglasses.

Features such as:

  • High speed data in the palm of your hand!
  • Geo-location services and tourist information!
  • Weather and traffic updates!
  • Social networking tools and applications!
  • Mood-monitoring jukebox!
  • Matchmaker targeting!

All these features are available in the Stark Hud 2020.

starkhud splash

starkhud 2

starkhud 1

Sadly before you get too excited, leave work and run down to your nearest gadget store demanding a pair, the Stark Hud 2020 are a figment of Hollywood imagination to promote the new Iron Man 2 movie.

In Rouli’s predictions for 2010 I said that augmented reality glasses were still 10 years off. All I can say is when they finally arrive I hope they are as good as this.

Check out the new Stark Hud 2020

More Iron Man 2 AR demos
If you haven’t already, be sure to try Total Immersions Iron Man 2 demo.

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  • G.T.R. Jr. said:

    Wow! I love this idea of an augmented reality glasses with listed capabilities. I wish to own one of thes glasses for myself, and for each of my family members. This is the wave of the future!.. so wavy! I actually would like to invest in this idea. If there is any information on when this product will be on the. market, and/or insurance plans or… any/all information on owning ATLEAST!, one. Thank you!
    “Bambou’ ” G.T.R Jr.

  • lester said:

    @G.T.A Jr

    We often argue about just how far these things are away.
    I’m never popular when I suggest 20 years. I think we have plenty of time to save.

    In the meantime however there are companies working on solutions, but don’t expect an all singing, all dancing solution anytime soon.
    Take a look at companies like as they are among the leaders

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