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Air Guitar Augmented Reality Style

Submitted by on Friday, 14 May 2010No Comment
Rockin' AR

Rockin' AR

You can’t beat a bit of air guitar. 3 beers and you’re up there with Led Zeplin, 4 beers and you’re the world’s best drummer. 5 beers  and you’re the karaoke king.

Doing a bit of digging this morning, it looks like Disney are about to launch an augmented reality game called Concert Mayhem which is based around characters from the new I’m In The Band sitcom. The original concept for the game was developed by Seac02 and used in Italy as a marketing tool to launch the sitcom. The concept was users stand in front of a green screen, air guitar and they appear in the video. The game however has been adapted for online so shortly you’ll be able to give it a go.

There are no links to the game as yet, but careful digging around points to Disney’s XD site ( where they say Concert Madness is coming soon. Mid May was the latest date I found.

We can only speculate on what the game will be, but the website has profiles for a drummer, guitar and a singer, so I’m assuming these will be playable characters.

I’m sure Disney will be hitting the switch to make the game live very soon.

Rockin’ AR

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