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iPhone Augmented Reality Marker Tracking

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 May 20106 Comments

We don’t often publish random augmented reality demos from YouTube showing spinning cubes or the like, but since iPhone OS 4.0 opens up the camera API to developers we thought we’d post some proof that the iPhone will support multi marker tracking.

June onwards should be interesting times for iPhone owners as we should start to see some really interesting solutions being created.

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  • Faheem Ullah said:

    It’s nice work you have done. It’s very helpful for us the new ones in augmented reality. I am new for this field, I want to do augmented reality programming on iphone. I am doing master in this field. But I don’t know about AR and iphone AR (Opening camera, tracking marker, and displaying graphics). Would you ike to help me. Plz tell me all the tools required for iphone augmented reality. and if you give me sample code for complete tracking like yours code and tell me the process, how should I run, then I’ll be very thankful to you.
    thank You

  • lester said:

    Hi Faheem,

    Marker tracking on the iPhone was part of iOS4 so still pretty new. To build this stuff yourself, take a look at and head towards the developer section. They make it pretty simple as its more xml than hardcore C programming.

    Or if you are looking for an SDK. Take a look at


  • Faheem Ullah said:

    Thanks dear!

    Thank You for the reply. I am giving you late response because I was busy in seminars, and there was no time for me to use net. Sorry for that. Obviously I’ll do so as you have mentioned. I know about ARToolWOrks, but I want some open source for iPhone so that I may able to learn the AR Code. I can’t found any complete source code i.e from camera to tracking, or any such documentation etc.
    I also heard that Apple do not permit application on App Store which has code outside of their SDK. Please explain this also.

    Thank You so much


  • project dev journal 01 « °0.0.0° said:
  • FlyingAnxiety said:

    Turbcast is a great travel app.

  • iPhone Augmented Reality Marker Tracking | La realtà aumentata nelle applicazioni di marketing said:

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