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Pizza Hut Goes AR

Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 May 20102 Comments

Pizza Hut launched an augmented reality iPhone app recently to help you find the nearest Pizza Hut in your local area. The application is a US only application but oddly has an Australian doing the voice on the video.

The app lets you find your nearest store as well as order your pizza directly from the iPhone. If you get bored waiting for your pizza to arrive then there is a game you can play as well. It reminds me of the Tiger Beer application that was launched in the UK earlier in the year.

The Pizza Hut application has over 64 thousand reviews proving that big brands sell augmented reality.

Pizza Hut

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  • Gary Hayes said:

    Not sure why you suggest it is a US only application – the company responsible for this actually ‘are’ Australian –

    Hope that clarifies it :)

    Best Gary

  • lester (author) said:

    Hi Gary,

    I assumed it was US only because the iTunes listing says “ordering US only” and the application is missing in the UK iTunes store.

    Cheers for the update. Either the text in iTunes is out of date or the app is available in different locations with limited functionality.


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