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Soccer City World Cup AR Stadium Tour

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 May 20107 Comments

Just a few short weeks now until the start of the FIFA World Cup. As expected companies are flocking to produce augmented reality World Cup demos and tie-ins.

The latest demo to hit the web is for Soccer City which is one of the major showcase stadiums that will play host during the Cup. It’s a simple run of the mill demo, just print the marker and hold it up to your webcam and move around the stadium in 3D.

If you haven’t tried augmented reality before, or if you’re a football fan then it’s well worth giving it a go as the stadium looks impressive.

You can give it a go by visiting:

Soccer City

Wikitude World Cup
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Find out more at

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  • brett said:

    I downloaded the marker to my iphone, and used the marker on my phone screen to view the stadium. works great too. nice stuff – a bit slower on IE7 though

  • lester said:

    Yeah its a nice demo, the only thing missing imho is a few people running around on the pitch.

    I guess the polygon budget didn’t stretch that far :-)

  • pix said:

    Lester: would have loved to do this… as it is we took a 6 million poly model and remodelled using 10 000 polys and UV maps … hoping for more poly budget next time :)

    Pix – MailGloo

  • lester said:

    @Pix, you guys did a top job. The stadium is one of the most detailed models I have seen for a long time, and the sound is a great touch.

    I’m just being a typical user and demanding more. Had there been people running around the pitch, I would have wanted 90 minutes of real football to watch :-) .

    Top job.


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  • Daniel said:

    We did that with our friends…quite impressive what is possible with technology…

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