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Space InvadAR for Android

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 May 20106 Comments
Space Invaders like never before

Space Invaders like never before

If you were at Augmented Planet London yesterday you may have seen a few side demos taking place. One in particularly was a mobile augmented reality image recognition game called Space InvadAR for the Google Android.

Space InvadAR is a game from Zenitum that uses an image of the planet Earth rather than a black & white marker as the playing surface, a nice touch is the planet actually revolves.

The game is the result of an augmented reality development project to test the Androids capabilities rather than a full on multi level space shooter. Still it’s a good app to demo your phone and amaze your friends. It should be appearing in the Android Market very soon so Android owners keep your eyes peeled.

Space InvadAR

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  • Simon Taylor said:

    Thanks for the mention Lester! Space InvadAR was the result of a collaboration between Zenitum and Extra Reality, our new Cambridge-based AR venture.

    We only noticed last night that the image we chose looks like a marker due to the black background. In fact this is “natural feature” tracking which will work with any (previously trained) image. That means the virtual content can fit nicely with the object being augmented. The earth image seemed an obvious choice for this demo.

    Follow us on twitter: @extrareality
    We’ve got plenty more cool stuff on the way!

  • David Lee said:

    Great site Lester! I’m looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow, and seeing you at The Augmented Reality Event in June. We’re giving away two passes to The Augmented Reality event to the person who uploads a video of him or herself getting the high score in the Space InvadAR. Once the YouTube video is uploaded, message @zenitum on Twitter to let us know! We’ll let the high score winner know on May 27th.

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