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Top AR Blogs

Submitted by on Friday, 21 May 20107 Comments

If you are interested in augmented reality and want to keep up with the latest news and gossip, Augmented Planet recommends the following bloggers

Top augmented reality blogs.

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  • rouli said:

    Thanks for the link, but how could you miss, the “father” of all AR blogs?

  • Lester said:

    Ha stupid wordpress this was meant to be a hidden post.
    We have an iPhone app coming out and this is one of the options on the app.

    Ignore this post for now. Games Alfresco will be added for sure

  • Willy said:

    Thanks you all!
    Let’s contribute to this AR world!

  • Thomas K Carpenter said:

    I’ll save my snarky comments for when you get the post fixed, but I was rather insulted when Augmented Reality 3.0 with only 5 total posts made it to the list and neither Games Alfresco or The Future Digital Life did. :)

  • lester said:

    Don’t get me started… Creating an iPhone app was meant to be breeze. It’s been 3 months.

    I hacked the top blogs page together to test the new page on the iPhone. I threw in a few links to test the aesthetics of the page and I thought I was being smart by not putting it in a public category.I forgot that regardless of category it gets posted to RSS, Facebook and LinkedIn so the cat got out the bag. I was blissfully unaware until Rouli posted.

    The page is still draft, but to avoid Tom and Ori’s hateful stares next week at ARE2010 I have done a quick update.

    Once I get this dam certificate thing sorted out if you want a beta of the iPhone app let me know.

  • Thomas K Carpenter said:

    No worries, Lester. I know the pain of uncooperative programs and evil early draft posting websites.

    And don’t forget Beyond the Beyond (Bruce Sterling’s site), otherwise you’ll get hateful stares from the keynote podium! :)

  • Michael Dusing said:

    Thank you for the list always helpful to have ore AR news sources!

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