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Real-time tracking and Layar 4?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 June 20105 Comments

Yesterday I went to watch Brazil play in the world cup, on the train I was listening to a couple of guys trying to explain the offside rule which was amusing to listen to.

Interestingly I came across an augmented reality demo a few weeks back that showed real-time tracking of players in a football game to show when they strayed offside. I’m not sure how much of the video below is smoke and mirrors as the dates don’t quite make sense. The video was uploaded in December but there was no camera API or OS beta back then.

Assuming it is real, the most interesting bit is that the description says ‘based on Layar technology’. Is this a first look at features in Layar 4.0?

Real-time offside concept

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  • Nick said:

    The product might be real (eventually) but the video is clearly smoke and mirrors.
    (1) No one holds their hand that steady
    (2) There’s a nice halo, pixelation and other hints around the hand that the hand was Photoshopped from a bigger image
    (3) The angle the hand is at is _really_ awkward. In reality you would hold the phone with your other hand, or hold it by the left hand side. The phone & hand are clearly a hand-holding-phone photo that was rotated by 90 degrees
    (4) The index finger would probably be covering part of the lens
    (5) The video notes on YouTube state that it is a “Concept”

  • lester said:

    Hi Nick,

    I agree with all the above and agree that its a concept. It clearly not something that can be done with an iPhone right now.

    The bit that made me scratch my head and wonder however is it says ‘based on Layar’. If it was purely just a video with no logic behind it, why mention any kind of technology.

  • Nick Austin said:

    Soon I will build my own layar :) , I love augmented reality

  • lester said:

    Hi Nick, me too. I am looking at building some Layars and some Wikitude Worlds.

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