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Who you gonna call? Ghost Bastards

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 June 2010One Comment

Nope not a typo but a new augmented reality game for the iPhone. If you have played Pandemica or Arcade Reality then the game is very similar, only this time instead of pitting your wits against an Alien attack you’ll be fighting for survival against hordes of ghosts who’ll attack you with their ectoplasm.

Being an augmented reality game, the game takes place in the camera window so you’ll be able to fight the ghost in your own home, but if you have an iPod or iPhone 3G you can still play the game which will work without enabling the camera.

The game features 2 modes, adventure mode where you have to capture the required number of ghosts on each level in order to proceed, or survival where the ghosts continue to attack and you try to survive as long as possible. As you play the game you’ll start out with the lowely rank of Newbie and work your way up to the rank of Divine Warrior

An nice touch is the synthesized Ghostbusters music, as is the automatic save functionality, when you load the game it asks if you want to continue where you left off so you are not forced to repeat the early levels.  The game is pretty entertaining, sometimes the ghost are a bit difficult to find despite the arrow indictors on the slide of the screen giving you helpful hints where they are located, but its still enjoyable never the less.

Ghost Bastards is $0.99 for a limited time only in the iTunes AppStore.

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