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AR Pirates for Symbian

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 July 20102 Comments

Symbian owners looking for augmented reality applications have a ray of sunshine this morning. Optricks Media have just released their first augmented reality game for 5th edition Symbian devices.

The game titled AR! Pirates is a natural feature tracking game where you use your phones camera to battle the attacking pirates hell bent on stealing your treasure. The game uses real coins to draw the game area which is a nice touch on the treasure theme.

A trial version of AR pirates is available from (full version £0.99), with an iPhone version coming soon.

The full blurb from the guys over at Optricks Media below:

Available now for Series 60 Symbain 5th edition smartphones, AR! Pirates is Optricks Media’s first augmented reality game for mobile platforms. It’s a fun and innovative first-person shooter that pits you against fleets of approaching pirate galleons that fire at you from all angles as they sail towards the island where the Captain’s treasure is hidden. Don’t let them land or they’ll drop anchor and steal his treasure!

Use your phone’s camera and screen to shoot and sink the virtual galleons that appear integrated in the real world via Augmented Reality. You’ll gather treasure and power ups when you sink a pirate ship and as you progress, more and more pirate ships will try to plunder the Captain’s treasure.

AR! Pirates uses an innovative 3 coin marker system that provides a stable and immersive gaming experience.

Play AR! Pirates at any scale! Use larger markers such as flying discs or paper plates. You can play with small ships on your desk using 3 coins or play with almost life sized ships in the park. But watch out as the larger your markers are, the more active you have to be when playing the game!

AR! Pirates in action

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