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Atomic Greetings Revolutionizes Greeting Card Industry with the Addition Of Personalized Video

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 July 20104 Comments

** Press Release **

Philadelphia, PA July 19, 2010 – In today’s wired and connected world the ubiquitous greeting card is still a thoughtful, tangible connection that we share with the people in our lives. Greeting cards have evolved over the past few decades from their “simple” paper and ink origins to today’s technical wonders with metallic foils, 3D panels, and music-playing chips.

Atomic Greetings takes the centuries-old greeting card into the 21st century by allowing people to attach personal video and audio messages to their greeting cards. The patent-pending system uses easily mailed paper greeting cards along with the Atomic Greetings web site to allow millions of people to send their uniquely personal video messages inside the greeting card. This system, called EVX(TM), uses augmented reality and other technologies to record and playback video using the Atomic Greetings cards and a webcam-enabled, Internet-connected computer.

These revolutionary greeting cards were created in response to the simple fact that even in today’s digital age, people still love the personal and private nature of a real greeting card. Everyone has a treasured greeting card stowed away somewhere – we cherish the memories captured in that very special card. With Atomic Greetings, these memories don’t have to rely on words alone. Now they can be captured in video and revisited for years to come.

Using your webcam, Atomic Greetings allows people to use video to communicate the full breadth of their feelings. They can simply say “I Love You,” or they can sing or even dance for the card’s recipient. Video allows people to communicate a range of emotions that are impossible with just the printed word. Birth announcements no longer hold only the stats of the baby but can actually show the child cooing and being lovingly held in Mom’s arms. A Thank You card can now be easily sent as you tell the person how grateful you are for their gift or actions. No more hunting for the perfect thing to write, you just say it and people see on your face how you truly feel – just like in real life.

To learn more about Atomic Greetings’ EVX-powered greeting cards go to the company web site at

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  • Susan Stealman said:

    I bought a card from Atomic Greetings and love the product. It was super easy to create and fun. I’m looking forward to sending out all my Christmas cards this year with video! Good luck with your product it’s a winner!

  • Scouting for girls with a Kit Kat | Augmented Reality said:

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  • Dan Richards said:

    Went to the site. Too complicated – place infront of PC to scan bla bla. Why not just use a webcam and send an attachment to the other person! Much easier.

    I thought the way these people were going on it was a video playback on the card.

    This is just as lousy as the Hallmark Cards with exception to Hallmark’s being worse where they expect you to download this and that and burn on DVD etc etc. Do these people actually deal with real people or just “get a geek idea”! 75% of society believe it or not don’t use a PC at home! Sorry Grandma, sent you this gig, sorry you cannot view the card!

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