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Augmented Reality iPhone – June Stats

Submitted by on Monday, 12 July 2010One Comment

June was a busy month for iPhone developers, with 42 new augmented reality applications being published to the Apple App Store. In addition, there were 57 updates to existing augmented reality application over the month.

None of the applications (in June) had taken advantage of the new iOS4 APIs. We expect to see those rolling out over the next month.

For the data below we re-categorise every application rather than use the App Store categories. Brower’s were the most popular category this month due to a number of city guides being released. Utilities shows an increase since we also started tracking Barcode Scanners and QR Code Readers this month

Table 1. Applications Published in June 2010

Table 2. Application Updates in June 2010

Table3.  Month on Month Total Applications

Developers or researches who are interested in understanding more about the augmented reality market for the iPhone, we have analysed over 480 iPhone applications and created a report that shows:

  • Published application trends
  • Popular categories
  • Price-points for each category
  • Augmented reality capabilities across each category

You’ll find details here or feel free to email us.

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