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The American Civil War Project

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 July 20103 Comments

The problem with history is it’s in the past. Take a trip to a famous battlefield and you get to look around bleakly at the surroundings while trying to imagine what it would have been like during the battle. Augmented reality presents a solution where people can experience the battle for themselves. At least  they will if a group of teachers from York College in Pennsylvania get their way.

Jeff Mummert and his colleagues are working on an education project to bring the Civil War to life at various sites around the United States.  By using augmented reality, students and other interested parties will be able to experience key aspects of the American Civil War on their iPhone or Tablet PCs. Imaging being able to see famous battles taking place around you, or being able to track the movement of troops across the country. These are just some of the ideas that the Civil War Augmented Reality Project are looking to achieve.

The project is looking for funding, so if you are interested in helping by making a donation or learning more about the project, please take a look at

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