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Try junaio GLUE – demo

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 July 20102 Comments

Sometimes when you blog it pays to read your email before you press the go live button. Trying to catch-up on my email I found the official press release from Metaio sitting in my inbox with the details on how you can test the new GLUE feature on your iPhone.

If you’re looking for your first demo of feature tracking for the iPhone (I’m pretty sure the feature is also there for junaio Android users) then make sure you have junaio installed, go to the featured channel and click the GLUE demo option. Once you have that, point your phone at the super hero character below. Tap the character to have him shoot.

(click the image for a high quality image you can print)

If you’re still stuck, watch the following video to see the steps.

junaio GLUE

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