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Augmented Reality iPhone – July Stats

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 August 20106 Comments

The number of new augmented reality iPhone applications published in July was 54. That brings the total to 605 augmented reality applications available for the iPhone. Of the 605 applications, at least 100 of them have dubious at best claims to be augmented reality applications. Next month I’ll look at hiding those.

It’s also worth mentioning, included in the 54 new applications this month, is the new Augmented Planet mobile app which you’ll find a link to on the right.

For those tracking the growth of the iPhone AR market, this chart represents the total number of augmented reality applications published by month. As you can see the number of applications being released on a monthly basis is holding steady.

In addition to the new applications published, 80 applications were updated in July. None of these updates seem to have taken advantage of the new camera APIs. They just seem to be updates to fix any iOS4 compatibility issues.

We look at each application and create our own publishing category so we can keep track of the number of browsers, games, shopping applications etc. The following chart represents the distribution of applications.

As you can see, browsers still remain the most popular type of augmented reality application.

Looking at July applications specifically, the following chart represents the applications claim to being an AR application.

Using the camera is still the primary reason for augmentedness.

I am surprised that we have only had 2 natural feature tracking applications released so far. I though there would be a lot more. I am predicting that by the end of August we’ll have 10.

If you’re thinking about quitting your day job and investing all your money developing augmented reality applications, this is a break down of the asking price for the applications published in July. (Please note price is in US Dollars)

The free price point is still very much the norm.

For those of you that want more details about the iPhone competitive landscape, we compile the data into a variety of reports while you can find here:

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  • mark power said:

    Thanks for this, interesting stuff. Just one, quick question…on the ‘natural feature tracking’ front you say there’s currently 2 apps. I know Junaio is one, but what’s the other one? Cheers :)

  • Nitin said:

    I think that the other one might be keepie uppies, the football game which tracks your foot.

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  • Patrick O'Shaughnessey said:

    @mark – The other natural feature tracking app is the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop of Happiness app, to which we (Patched Reality,, Edelman, and metaio) added the “Moo Vision” feature:

    @lester – Thanks for keeping up with the stats. Very informative to see the data broken down this way! Really looking forward to seeing what people come out with in August and September.

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