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London Cycle Hire – Augmented Reality Application

Submitted by on Monday, 16 August 20102 Comments

Recently the Mayor of London and Barclays (bank) launched a cycle rental scheme to enable Londoners to get around the city. The scheme enables Londoners to register to borrow cycles from the various docking stations located around the capital. Insert your card in to the machine, take the bike, and once you reach your destination, you leave the bike in the nearest free docking station, sign out and away you go.

Presselite, the ever helpful French company who specialise in building mobile augmented reality applications to help users find nearby transport links like busses and train stations have extended their London Tube application to support the locations of the docking stations.

The London Tube app includes an augmented reality view that enables users to visualize the nearest cycle docking station as well as nearby tube stations by holding the iPhones camera and panning around their surroundings, or find locations by viewing on a map. Once you have found your destination, the application will even help you with the navigation helping you arrive safely.

The application will even notify you about disruptions affecting the tube, so for the £0.59 asking price it’s a great little application for Londoners. (Look here for more info about)

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