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Scouting for girls with a Kit Kat

Submitted by on Monday, 23 August 20103 Comments

One of my favourite examples of augmented reality so far is the Lost Valentinos, Nightmoves demo. I think music and augmented reality go hand in hand so well that it’s a surprise artists are not using augmented reality more to promote their CDs. Turning the CD cover into an interactive video would be perfect for building engaging content and trivial using something like junaio glue. But I digress and instead move to chocolate.

Currently appearing on the backs of special promotional wrappers of the chocolate bar Kit Kat is a special augmented reality enabled video single from Scouting for Girls. Simply get hold of a wrapper, visit the website and present your wapper to see a special 3D video appear.

For a peak, take a look at the video below with what looks like AR guru James Alliban holding the wrapper.

Scouting for Girls

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