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All-New Scion tC AR Game

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 September 20103 Comments

I’m lucky enough to see some really cool augmented reality campaigns, but every now and then a campaign comes along that goes beyond what I expect. The latest example to give me the wow factor is the TakeOnTheMachine game.

To give consumers a taste of the new Scion 2011tC which is hitting the market on October 1st, Scion created an augmented reality game where players take control of the new tC and steer it around a virtual city full of obstacles designed to slow the driver down. To play the game you can use either the old fashioned keyboard method, or print the special marker, hold it in front of the webcam and steer the car to avoid the obstacles.

The game itself features the now obligatory Facebook integration where you can share your high score with other players, and as you progress though the game you can unlock new tCs to drive and race.

Game wise there is nothing we haven’t seen before, but what is surprising is the overall production value and the high quality graphics that the developers have created. Even the website  has a quality, futuristic movie feel to it. I think the reason I like this one so much is because augmented reality has been used to enhance an already well crafted campaign.

Give the game a go at:

All-New Scion tC AR Game

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