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Look-Up the Aliens are coming

Submitted by on Monday, 27 September 2010One Comment

Augmented reality accelerometer games continue to be all the rage for mobile developer. One of the latest additions to the genre for iPhone owners is Look-Up which gives players the opportunity to fight off the ever present threat of invading aliens.

If you are not familiar with augmented reality games, they take place in your surrounding by enabling the camera as the backdrop. If you play outside the aliens will attack from over the top of your house, trees etc. The game takes place in 360 degrees so you’ll be moving around a lot. Your neighbours are sure to think you are being attacked by bees as you swing around cursing an unseen enemy. Inside for couch potatoes like myself, the game can be restricted to 180 degrees so you can sit peacefully on the sofa and still do your bit to defend Earth.

There are numerous games in this genre but at £0.59 ($0.99) Look-Up gives you a pretty decent game, along with a multiplayer mode so you can fight for Earth with your friends.


(Get Look-Up)

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