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Online virtual dressing room

Submitted by on Tuesday, 28 September 20104 Comments

We have spoken about tryvertising before on Augmented Planet. Tryvertising if you are not familiar with the term enables a consumer to become familiar with a product without actually owning it. Augmented reality is a classic enabler with many solutions out there, for example you can see how a sofa will look in your living room without buying it, try a camera, or even test a 3D TV.

Clothing has always been a target for tryvertising campaigns with Zugara being one of the first companies to embrace augmented reality and a virtual dressing room to enable customers to virtually try on a rang of clothes before committing to buy. Today however immediaC announced their virtual dressing room product based on the Total Immersion D’Fusion platform. The new virtual dressing room product enables potential customers to visit a website and stand in front of their webcam. On the screen they will see themselves wearing the clothing and by interacting with the website through hand gestures which are detected by the webcam, they are able to scroll through a selection of clothing for style, colour and fit.

You can try the demo for yourself here (link on the right). All you need is a webcam.

It’s good to see some compelling uses of augmented reality again. More examples like this will help move augmented reality into mainstream.

I think we’ll start seeing more of these types solution over the next few years, and I would lay money on companies being more proactive with tryvertising in the future.  It easy to imagine a scenario where an advertising company uses face recognition to detect if a person is a male of female, and then projects a range of clothing over their body. Imagine standing waiting for a train and seeing yourself on a huge billboard dressed in the latest range of clothing from a well known fashion supplier, essentially putting you as the star of your very own tailor made commercial. The day will come.

immediaC virtual dressing room

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